Tips on a healthy lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle can promote a very positive effect on your training and reaching your goals. Just by doing basics below can start a change and increase a better frame of mind. 

Some of the benefit's would include improving:

  • Metabolism

  • Weight loss

  • Motivation

  • Circulation

  • Skin and Complexion




The most important thing during any day is you have slept long enough. Trying to avoid late nights would be a very good start. Ideally getting between 7 to 9 hours sleep.

Eating and drinking alcohol can have a poor effect on a goodnights sleep. Your body is still processing food and drink whilst you’re trying to sleep. 

Avoid using Phones and electronic equipment close to bed time. 




Having breakfast is very important and it is the set meal for the beginning of the day. Trying avoid sugary breakfasts would be ideal as they are high in sugar. Meaning you’ll be hungry again with the next hours to 90minutes. Ideally having a source of protein in your breakfast will keep you fully longer. 




Keep hydrated is very key to have a good diet. Ideally having 3 Litres of water a day. This could raise during the hot summer time. Water after a big workout ideal as the body will require hydration.


Try and avoid having dinner too late at night. This can have an impact on your nights sleep as your body will remain awake as it will still be working to break down the food you consumed.

After a training session it is natural to be hungry but try keep it to a light snack or very small meal. Try have dinner a few hours before training if you plan to have a evening workout. It is difficult to train if you're are an empty or full stomach for different reasons.


When to train?

Keeping your training sessions away from late evening is very advisable. After a hard session your body will be requiring water and a meal.

Your adrenaline will still be going after a late evening session, which can make it very difficult to get to sleep.

I would advise to keep your training sessions in the morning or just before lunchtime. Having it mid-morning would help as lunchtime is just around the corner. This can be difficult as many fitness classes can be in the evenings after work.

Training first thing has a big benefit if you're are looking to burn fat. This will help to boost your metabolism and speed up the rate you burn calories.


Regular Walks

Keeping yourself active is important to keeping yourself fit and healthy. Ideally it is important to at least have a 30 minute walk every day. Walking is the most popular and regular physical activity as it is done more then any other exercise. If you're are new to regular exercise having walks is a very good start to your long term journey.

I you struggle to get motivated for walks than try join a walk club or ask a friend. Even put your headphones on and listening to music. Before you know it you would have done a few miles.


When you're are new to exercise or coming back from a lay off without exercising. Rest is very important. Giving your body a chance to rest up is important as it lets achy, sore, stiffness muscles recover and be ready to go for the next session. If you don't rest up it can lead to injury which will put you out of action for a longer time. Listening to your body is a key thing when it is saying to stop after a big session. After a length of time exercising your body will be able to cope more with the depend of exercising. Leading to less recovery time.


Your Goals


Keep your goals realistic and don’t go into a first few sessions expecting to see instant results. Your body will require time to get use to change. So give yourself time and make changes that will work for you. Have a long term goal and but keep working at the small term goals to get to your overall goal. Keep your short term goals and ways to measure them achievable to keep you motivated.

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