Online Yoga

Online Personal Training



Why train online

Keeping yourself motivated is important through these challenging times. It's important to do the basis right such as keep moving and if you enjoy your workouts in the gyms or fitness classes then this will definitely be a great way for you to workout to at your home.

What you'll gain from online training

Improving your weight loss (body fat percentage), increase in muscle gain and toning up.

What do you need

Nothing apart from a gym mat and water bottle. If you do have weights or kettlebells then you're able to add them into your workout.

Why choose me

Looking to gain positive results and make a positive impact on your day. I will work close with you to your needs and give you feedback and do weekly check ins to keep you on track.



How much

6 week package. 2 sessions per week for £260. 

Other info

Weekly cheek ins and we will go through your nutrition and make sure we're keeping to your goals.

Contact me

07809480353 or