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My first Blog - Keeping Active

My very First Blog. Nice and simple. Keeping Active.

Having a Active Lifestyle has many short and long term benefits.

Having a healthy lifestyle can promote a very positive effect on your training and reaching your goals. Just by doing basics below can start a change and increase a better frame of mind. 

Some of the benefit's would include improving:

  • Metabolism

  • Confidence

  • Weight Loss

  • Motivation

  • Circulation

  • Skin and Complexion

  • Sleep Patterns

Simple workouts would include:

  • Walking to work

  • Gardening

  • Cleaning the house or car

  • Dog walking

  • Playing active games with the child

  • Taking the stairs and not using the lift

  • Not taking the bus all the way home. Getting off one or more stops before.

How can exercise help in a busy working life?

Exercise can have a very positive effect on a person who has a very busy or stress schedule. It can help by reducing the stress levels. Exercising would be the perfect start to the day. Exercise can take your mind off the up coming day by focusing on exercise. Once completed your morning session it can have a positive vibe throughout the day. Work can be a barrier that stops people from going to the gym. If this sounds like you then try go gym before work. Especially if you know sometimes you are kept behind for extra hours or overtime. Knowing you have done your exercise in the morning you wouldn't turn up to the gym tried or stressed out just to make it.

But on the other hand others find exercising after work a great way to release tension and stress. Most popular classes are likely to be in the evenings.

Ways to Improve motivation.

Being motivated to go and exercise can be difficult. To begin with you're training your mind to get up and go exercise. Remember if you're only starting out then don't go too hard on yourself to begin with or you won't want to go back. Try keep your only sessions fun but look to make them challenge you each time.

Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated when you're only training on your own in the gym. So try a Personal Trainer who can challenge you and have chat with you. Classes are a great way to keep exercise fun as you're interacting with others and they can motivate you to push yourself further. Especially in a Circuit class when you're finding it tough.

Keep your goals short to begin with with a long term goal in mind. Making sure your goals are realistic and not too wild. A long with goals make sure you're are eating a well balanced diet. Eating clean can increase motivation. Going down to the supermarket can be challenging to keep away so much from all of the treats. Once you stop yourself buying and eating treats you will have a good feeling and increase that strong will power.

Remember a change in diet can take time. Give your body a chance to get use to slow change.

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